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What are we up to?

A Night for the Stars
Hosted by the Friends of Garfield Park


This concert by the ISO is a FREE event, but your tax-deductible donations are appreciated for the STARS Youth Program!

For many years, the FOGP has been supporting youth programs that focus on teamwork, exercise and sports during the summer. 
 The young people we serve come from one of the most challenged areas in Marion County. Just 2 miles from downtown, we have 30.2% of our youth living at the poverty level or below while 52% average one meal per day and the rates are on the rise.

The schools we serve are mostly IPS. Our participants will come from three IPS grade schools (19, 31 and 34), Emma Donnan Middle School and Manual High School. As well as, youth attending Central Catholic School, St. Roch Elementary and Christel House Academy.

The STARS program means a lot in our neighborhood and so does 
your support!

A 40% increase in funding means 
100 more young people will be impacted.

STARS = Strength Through Activity, Responsibility and Service!


Antony & Cleopatra
By William Shakespeare
Directed by Chris Burton

After the events of Julius Caesar, three rulers take control of Rome - Octavius Caesar, Marcus Aemilius Lepidus, and Mark Antony. Mark Antony spends most of his time in the company of the beautiful and powerful Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra. Sextus Pompey threatens war against the Roman Empire, prompting Antony to return home to negotiate peace. Passion, jealousy, and intrigue follow Antony and Cleopatra through Rome and Egypt, leading to a tragic and timeless end for both. Join us as we stage this epic tale of romance and war spanning empires featuring two of Shakespeare's most iconic characters - Antony and Cleopatra.


Come see us at Garfield Park!


The MacAllister Amphitheater offers regular seating, bench seating and lawn seating. Enjoy the show under the stars!

The Garfield Parks Art Center is the indoor venue. This beautiful space offers a wonderful backdrop for our shows!

Call 317-327-7135 for more information.

No pets or alcohol per park policy.

The amphitheater and the Garfield Park Arts Center are smoke-free facilities


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