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What are we up to?


Julius Caesar
By William Shakespeare
Directed by Chris Burton

Inspired by fear, a host of Roman senators conspire to kill Julius Caesar before he can name himself dictator and lord over the common people. Cassius whispers falsehoods into the impressionable ears of Brutus, whose only concern is that the people of Rome will lose their voice under a single emperor. Caesar is slain on the Ides of March on the steps of the capitol. Octavius, Caesar's nephew, and Antony, Caesar's closest friend and supporter, move to avenge the death of Rome's great leader.


Come see us at Garfield Park!


The MacAllister Amphitheater offers regular seating, bench seating and lawn seating. Enjoy the show under the stars!

The Garfield Parks Art Center is the indoor venue. This beautiful space offers a wonderful backdrop for our shows!

Call 317-327-7135 for more information.

No pets or alcohol per park policy.

The amphitheater and the Garfield Park Arts Center are smoke-free facilities


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